Needle Cases

With an increasing interest in sewing and mending, needle cases are becoming more popular.  For me, these are a useful way of using up some smaller offcuts of fabric while creating a keepsake item that features patchwork, appliques, beautiful vintage fabric or ribbon weaving.

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Needle case made by ribbon weaving
The outside of this needle case is made from ribbons woven together.
Blue damask needle case
Made from vintage damask fabric in shades of blue this needle book has a traditional feel to it.
Pastel patchwork needle case
This needle case is made from offcuts of cotton print fabrics in pastel shades arranged in patchwork patterns.
Crazy patchwork needle case
This needle case features a bright selection of cotton print fabrics in a crazy patchwork style.
Needle case clematis trail front
Small pouch for hand sanitiser made from navy fabric with appliqued design.
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The variety of needle cases available at any one time will depend on demand.  If there's a particular one that you want that is sold out, I can make you a very similar one.

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