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Hand Sanitiser Pouches

I introduced these hand sanitiser pouches when Covid was first a major concern, but  carrying around a small bottle of hand sanitiser isn't seen as being as necessary now.  For this reason, I have withdrawn these from my Etsy shop.  

However, if, like me, you still want somewhere to carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser so that it's easily accessible for when you've finished your shopping, opened or closed a door or gate, or any of the miriad of other occasions when we need to make sure our hands aren't contaminated with germs or virus, you will find these small handy pouches that clip onto a bag or belt carrier ideal.  Contact me directly if you'd like one.


Although the colours and appliques that are on the featured pouches might not still be available, I can make what you require as long as I still have some of the original fabric left.

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