Added April - July 2021

More of my patchwork creations can be seen here: Patchwork Bags

This is an ongoing project to add to the Rainbow Collection of products from BarMadeBags. 

Following on from the success and popularity of the large messenger style bag that I make to order featuring patchwork panels made from bright batik fabrics, I have extended the range to include different styles and sizes of bags, a purse and a roll suitable for pens, crochet hooks or other tools. 

Added April 2021

This is a new product from BarMadeBags. 

A practical yet beautifully-created storage roll for either paint brushes or knitting needles, the patchwork and appliqued design on the outside of this Art and Craft roll is inspired by William Morris designs.

Added February 2021
Northern Lights zipped bag

The newest addition to my "art" bags is this zipped pouch which features textile art inspired by the Northern Lights, off the coast of Norway.

This is quite a small bag which could be used as a clutch to make a stunning addition to your outfit when going out, or as a special pouch in which to store crochet hooks, sewing equipment or even pens and small notebooks!

Added January 2021
Icicles project bag side

Some of the small pieces of left-over fabric from the art panel for the bag were used to make a smaller version of the image.  This became the front of this needle case.

Added in January 2021, this large top-handled bag features a panel of textile art based on one of my acrylic paintings, entitled "Icicles: Feeling the Chill"

You can find out more about how this bag came about by reading this blog.

Icicles needle case