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Added April 2024

If you read my blog at the end of last year, you'll know that my interest in creating more textile art and only making bags to order was uppermost in my mind.  Since then I have completed my largest fabric collage, "Crooked Spire at Night" and will shortly finish a piece depicting bluebells in a nearby wood.  I am hoping to build up my portfolio of these in preparation for an exhibition towards the end of May. Prints and cards of some of them are now available to buy online.

Added April 2023

Although most of the bags that I create are from my own patterns, I recently made this clutch wallet from a pattern by U-Handbag Sewing Patterns.

Of course, I needed to make a few alterations in order to account for the qualities of the upcycled fabrics that I was using and also to add an appliqued design.  Not the easiest of  projects that I've tackled but I do have another of the flip lock wallet frames to use at some point, so could make one to order for you in your choice of colour.

Edit: This wallet is now sold. Contact me if you'd like a similar one making for you!

Green clutch wallet with Celtic Knot design
Celtic Knot wallet open with contents
January 2023

I haven't created any new designs of bags since last October concentrating instead on making to order my existing designs, with each being slightly different due to variations in the fabrics used and the placement of them.

I have, though, been experimenting with creating textile wall art and am currently working on a commission for such a piece.  You can read about the influences and inspiration behind this  development in my creative pursuits in my recent blog.

 Whether this becomes something that is offered more widely as a service or incorporated into existing products,  I have yet to decide.  Watch this space!

Through the trees textile art
Added October 2022

In these times in which so many are needing to be careful of their expenditure due to the cost-of-living crisis, I am anxious to provide some more reasonably-priced options amongst my range of rainbow patchwork bags.

So there are now two new bags in my BuyIndie shop.

  •  a top-handled bag that has all the usual internal features of a BarMadeBag (a zipped pocket, a slip-in pocket and a trigger hook for your keys) but has less other hardware hence keeping the cost of the bag down to £48 including UK delivery.

  • a messenger style bag which keeps the cost down to £48 by only having its flap featuring patchwork rather than throughout the body of the bag.

I also have a selection of smaller items such as pouches. purses and a wallet that feature rainbow patchwork.​

Rainbow patchwork collection  of bags
Added February 2022

After a break from adding new designs to my range while I focused instead on made-to-order items, I've now created a boxy style of crossbody bag which is a new way to present the two most popular themes amongst my bags: the appliqued Happy Hedgehog and the rainbow patchwork. 

Watch out for more variations on this shape of bag!

A new shape of bag from BarMadeBags: the boxy bag bags
Added April - July 2021
A collection of bags by BarMadeBags featuring patchwork in rainbow colours

More of my patchwork creations can be seen here: Patchwork Bags

This is an ongoing project to add to the Rainbow Collection of products from BarMadeBags. 

Following on from the success and popularity of the large messenger style bag that I make to order featuring patchwork panels made from bright batik fabrics, I have extended the range to include different styles and sizes of bags, a purse and a roll suitable for pens, crochet hooks or other tools. 

Added April 2021
Art and craft roll for safe storage of paint brushes or knitting needles by BarMadeBags

This is a new product from BarMadeBags. 

A practical yet beautifully-created storage roll for either paint brushes or knitting needles, the patchwork and appliqued design on the outside of this Art and Craft roll is inspired by William Morris designs.

Added February 2021
Northern Lights zipped bag

This is quite a small bag which could be used as a clutch to make a stunning addition to your outfit when going out, or as a special pouch in which to store crochet hooks, sewing equipment or even pens and small notebooks!

Added January 2021
Icicles project bag side

Some of the small pieces of left-over fabric from the art panel for the bag were used to make a smaller version of the image.  This became the front of this needle case.

Added in January 2021, this large top-handled bag features a panel of textile art based on one of my acrylic paintings, entitled "Icicles: Feeling the Chill"

You can find out more about how this bag came about by reading this blog.

Icicles needle case
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