Patchwork Bags

These bags are either made from two contrasting fabrics or a selection of coordinating cotton batik or cotton print fabrics.  Many are now made-to-order in your choice of colourway.

Click on an image to get the link to see more details and to purchase or order.

Sunset burst clutch bag
A unique, asymmetric clutch in coral and deep plum coloured fabrics.
Coral burst clutch
This coral and cream asymmetric clutch bag is now sold but if you want a bag in this style in these or different colours, please contact me!
Green and navy messenger bag
Two tone patchwork messenger bag made from green and navy upcycled fabrics
Coral and plum patchwork messenger bag
Two tone patchwork messenger style crossbody bag made from upcycled fabrics.
Tartan and blue messenger bag
Made from textured blue fabric and tartan plaid.
Zigzag pocket bag
Small crossbody bag that can be used for an e-reader.
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Patchwork cacti tablet case

Tablet case in shades of green print fabrics.

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