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This line in bags all carry the acronym WHOOP, standing for "We Have Only One Planet", and the reduce, reuse and recycle logo surrounding the world. 

I have designed them to help flag up the importance of making good choices for the planet and as these bags are handmade from upcycled fabrics they not only help to reduce waste but also remove the need for using plastic bags.  Read more about them in my blog.

I currently only have two of them in stock and will only make more to order so as not to have excess unsold stock.

WHOOP Tote Bags

Designed for when you go shopping or for students carrying their files, these tote bags are made entirely from upcycled fabric, are fully lined and have a front zipped pocket displaying the appliqued and embroidered WHOOP message.

Click on an image to get the link to where to see more details and to purchase. Some are no longer available but if the one you want isn't in stock, I'm happy to make one for you!

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