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Christmas is now over for another year but if you want to look ahead to the end of this year, there's currently a sale of those that I still have in my BuyIndie shop, BarMadeCreations.

Please contact me directly if there's an item you want that is not currently available.

Bags with a Christmas or Winter theme

I had expected that there would be no call for bags made specifically with Christmas in mind, but changed my mind after chatting with a potential customer at a Christmas craft fair. 

However, most of the items that I make with the Holiday market in mind, are more geared towards winter imagery so are appropriate to use over a longer period of time. 

I think these make delightful presents, some of them are potential "stocking fillers" or "Secret Santa" gifts, or in the case of the personalised stocking, the place for Santa to put those important gifts!

Click on an image to get the link to where to see more details and to purchase.

Crossbody bags

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