Range of Bags

 Whether you're interested in a patchwork bag, one featuring a plant- or animal-inspired applique design, a WHOOP bag or a festive item, or want to see my latest creations or get an idea for a bespoke bag, click on the image below to get more information and examples! 
Newest creations
Here you can find the bags that I've most recently made.
Bespoke bags
Examples of some of the bespoke bags that I've made.
Patchwork bags
Patchwork bags, both multi-coloured and two-tone can be seen here.
Plant appliques
Flowers and other plants feature as appliqued designs on these bags.
Animal appliques
Here's the place to find my popular Happy Hedgehog bags as well as some featuring other animals.
WHOOP bags
Made entirely from upcycled materials these WHOOP bags are my most environmentally friendly.
Other items
My range of items is constantly expanding!
Festive items
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