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Hello! I'm Barbara Rose, designer and maker of BarMade Bags


With a passion to be as eco-friendly as possible, sustainability is an essential element of my small bag-making business. 

Having a handbag that is practical but looks great with the particular outfit you're wearing, shouldn't be an indulgence that uses up precious resources.  Not when so many barely-used clothes and other textiles are discarded. 

Therefore, I use mainly upcycled fabrics for the bags that I make, selecting them with care to ensure that any damaged or faded parts are not included in the bags. While I'm anxious to avoid waste, I also want my bags to look luxurious.  Including patchwork sections allows me to make use of smaller pieces of fabric.

My WHOOP bags have the aim of spreading the word about taking care of our planet while being eco-friendly, practical alternatives to everyday carrier bags. Faded areas of re-purposed curtains may be included in them.

Each bag that I make is unique.  Individualised by the appliqued motif that is part of the design or by the choice and arrangement of fabrics in patchwork bags. They are all handmade by me at my home in North Derbyshire, where the flowers in my garden provide inspiration for many of the floral appliques.  If you're wanting a bag like one that is now sold out, please contact me and I will make one for you, but be aware that it won't be exactly the same as the original one. 

Because each handbag is an original, I am able to make a bespoke bag to your particular requirements.  Whether it's to match a pair of shoes, an outfit, or to go with a particular theme, I will work with you to create the bag of your dreams!  Or maybe you have a garment with particular sentimental value that you no longer wear but would like to have converted into a keepsake bag.  Look at the bespoke bags I've made and how to get in touch.

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