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Lost time, lost bowls, lost mojo

Where have the last few months gone to? I feel like I've lost so much time!

When I last wrote a blog, I was feeling in limbo because the move that we had expected to happen round about Christmas hadn't yet happened. That was at the end of January and the hold-up was because the person we were buying from was waiting for probate. As the weeks ticked by, our anxiety levels grew, followed by frustration and anger when we found out that the application for probate had only been submitted at the end of January. So much lost time and still more waiting needed.

Fortunately the sale of our house was still on track but our reasons for wanting to sell were as pressing as they had been when the sale had been agreed in October. Yes, the house and garden were really too large for us to comfortably manage, but the immediate issue was our neighbours.

A semi-abstract painting in acrylics showing a small area of green vegetation with a shrinking light source and dark areas crowding in to both sides depicting buildings and exhaust fumes.buildings
Art work depicting frustration at destruction of our wildlife haven.

In the early autumn, I had painted this picture to vent my feelings at our ecofriendly and wildlife haven being overcast by excessive petrol fumes from the high-powered cars that were left ticking over or revved up repeatedly on the drive to one side of our property, and a large extension that was going to be built onto the house on our other side. It felt like we were being squashed out, and life was becoming intolerable.

Fast forward to the end of April and, at last, our wait was coming to an end. At the beginning of May in a flurry of activity we packed up the contents of the home we'd lived in for over 20 years and moved to our new home. What a relief, and how lovely to be welcomed to the village that we're now living in: neighbours have called round to introduce themselves, give us useful information and invite us to participate in village activities! As we've launched ourselves into taming a neglected garden, we've also had friendly chat with passers-by.

Long grass with a hedge in the background
Overgrown lawn left uncut from October until the end of May

Apart from addressing the garden, we've also been busy unpacking and organising the house as we want it ... and trying to find where certain items are. In particular, we have lost two bowls! These are two of four pottery bowls bought from a craft shop in Old Hunstanton a few years ago. We have two of them, but can't find the other two despite spending ages looking in every box, not yet fully emptied, and every possible place where they could be hiding! Bizarrely, we also can't find the herbs and spices that I use for cooking, but at least I have been able to easily replace those after a trip to the local supermarket. But where these missing things are: the mystery endures!

Small room with desk, table, sewing machine, shelving
Sewing room

Amidst all the frantic activity over the past month or so, I have lost my sewing mojo. I have shortened some curtains and done some mending, and I have more or less set up my sewing room but I have yet to get back into bag-making.

I ask myself why? This is so unlike me to lack the incentive to be creative. My only explanation is that I've been using my creativity in re-designing parts of the garden and spending lots of time outside weeding, digging and planting. I'm sure the sewing mojo will return, especially when I have a deadline to meet for a made-to-order bag or a bespoke item, although I'm sure that "extras" such as that are not uppermost in the needs of those having to manage their budgets carefully.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy becoming integrated into a new community, discovering more of the wonderful walks in the vicinity and creating a new wildlife haven on my doorstep! Being happy in my surroundings will lead to a resurgence in my sewing mojo in due course.

Finally, your continued interest in BarMade Bags is welcome and appreciated. Sharing, liking and commenting on my social media posts and telling others about my business will help ensure that I will be creating more unique and sustainable bags in the future!

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