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WHOOP! We have only one planet!

The media is, quite rightly, buzzing with concerns for our planet at the moment. The activities of Extinction Rebellion, impassioned speeches by Greta Thunberg, the recent worldwide Climate Strike, climate discussions at the UN and the naming of the research ship "Sir David Attenborough" are just some of the more newsworthy ways in which the need to address environmental issues is being raised.

Predictions for the future of the world are dire and, one would hope, will spur those in power to take action now, and to make individuals consider what they can do to help mitigate the situation. I know of many people who are doing their bit to help, while feeling that it's a losing battle until governments make radical decisions. Others think it's not worth trying to do anything.

An ecofriendly backpack handmade from upycycled fabric with appliqued WHOOP message
A WHOOP backpack

It's easy to get despondent, and that's where my WHOOP campaign comes in. There's something uplifting about the word "whoop!" so by using this on my bags I want to make the point that we can do something to help the planet and spread the message to take care of our world. I don't need to carry a placard; the backpack that I wear whenever I go out, shows the world encircled by the reduce, reuse and recycle symbol and the caption "We have only one planet". Something to think about for anyone standing or walking behind me!

I can't take credit for the acronym WHOOP, standing for "We have only one planet". It was used by Malcolm Rose in his novel "Four Degrees More",

and it was with his approval that I use it on my new range of bags.

In this short story for teenagers (first published in 2008 and now available from Ransom Books) there was a group of environmental activists who used WHOOP as their name. Not that I intend for my bags to be associated with the actions of this fictitious group - I'm just using the same term!

Apart from my own backpack, the other bags that I've made with the WHOOP message on, are all tote bags suitable for carrying your shopping. Being made entirely from upcycled fabrics, they're made to last and are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags.

I know that this is a very small action that will only have a minimal impact on the situation that our world faces. I am a micro-business and will never make masses of these bags to sell, but each one that is sold will spread the message a bit further. If you would like one, check out this page on my website for what's currently available. The range will eventually include backpacks, but probably not until Spring 2020.

But if you don't need a new bag, you can still help to spread the word by sharing this blog. Let's all try to do our bit to protect our world for future generations!

(With thanks to environmentally conscious Helen, of Badger and Bobbins, for modelling this bag).

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