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Luggage tags

These are not currently available while restrictions on travel are in place.  However, if you have travel plans and would like one, please get in touch!

If you are one of the many people who has a case that looks remarkably similar to lots of others, here's a way to make it easily identifiable and quick to spot at baggage reclaim!  

Each brightly coloured patchwork luggage tag that I make will be different and can be securely fitted to your case and used over and over again.  You can choose to have one that opens and has a hidden card inside on which you can write your name and/or address, or a closed one.  If you'd like to have a closed one machine embroidered with your name or initials, contact me - details in General Information.

Here's a lovely review from a happy customer who bought two luggage tags:

"I saw the luggage labels on the website. They were colourful and standout, which was exactly what I wanted. They were easy to attach to both my suitcase and hand luggage. On the luggage reclaim at the airport several similar cases to mine went past but the label stood out very well. Made it much easier to find my suitcase.
I decided to have a similar one on the hand luggage, just because I wanted my luggage to match."


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